Saturday, February 4, 2012

January 27th was a milestone for me as I reached the 60 mark.  As one of my co-workers, Mr. Henschen, says, "At least I'm still above ground." Holly and Brad with the help of Ron, family and friends totally surprised me with a party.  Ron and I spent the day in Edwardsville with lunch at The Peel (owned by a former student), shopping for needed supplies for the remodel job and searching for ideas for the new house. Brad and Holly were supposed to cook for us while we were gone.  We were not supposed to be back until 4:30.  I assumed they were making a cake, cooking something spectacular for dinner and making something refreshing for cocktails.  I was so tickled to not have to cook or go out. When we arrived back home, my first response inside the kitchen was, "There are people here!" Even though we threw a birthday party for Ron's 60th 6 years ago, I never suspected a surprise for me. What a great gift from Holly and Brad to spend so much time and effort in creating this fun time with friends.

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