Monday, May 28, 2012

New Construction is coming along.

The construction is coming along and keeping us busy.  The roof is almost done.  Ron has spread out all the dirt piles around the site.  The rafters are interesting, not what they used to look like.  A lot more 2 X 4's are used with heavier plywood for the roof.  Windows and doors are coming tomorrow.  Everyday I have to make another decision on the house, but it is all so exciting!  Even though we are only 1/4 mile away from where we live now, the wildlife is very different.  There is a frequent snake siting in the pond and a muskrat has taken up an unwanted residence. Large owls can be heard, turkey buzzards must have nests nearby, and deer frequent the area.  We cannot wait to move and enjoy all the solitude the site brings.

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